Edition 2020 | Multiverse

We chose the term Multiverse as a gathering concept to the national and international proposals of this new edition of CUMPLICIDADES. Used in scientific theory and science fiction, it defines the encounter between different universes, in the whole of space, time, matter, energy and laws within their physical consistencies.

Bringing it into the context of the upcoming festival, we find it in the diversity of languages, biographies, chronologies and distinct geographies - local, regional and transnational - of the participating artists. Repositions, new creations and repertoires. The multiverse freely transposing its scientific or fictional scope may also represent the multiple possibilities in poetry; a multi-choral verse, consisting of a plurality of voices, bodies, expressions and subjectivities that converge on the same stanza.

In reality there exists a slightly abstract concreteness in different temporal and spatial (geographical) planes that are components in this particular multiverse. What convergence, between past and present, less or more recent, and what coexistence, without territorial hierarchies and segmentations, can we envision as agents of a global dynamic? At the present historical moment, CUMPLICIDADES, as an artistic platform, wishes to contribute to the call for anti-nationalist humanism, a practice of diversity in which human and democratic rights will be common, elementary and essential figures.

André Guedes and team

The 2020 edition of CUMPLICIDADES settles on 3 axis:

Artistic Programme
National and International

Parallel Activities
Talks, Open Studios and Workshops

Educational Projects
Dance Passaport, Dancing to Memory and Audience Mediation


Artistic Direction

Francisco Camacho

National Curator

André Guedes

International Curator

Sara Machado

Production Manager

Marta Vieira

Tiago Sgarbi

Financial administration

Teresa de Brito

Press officer

Mafalda Simões

Communication and Production

Sara P. Mendes

Production (March 2020 period)

Erika Ziller

Gustavo Machado

Filipe Metelo

Sérgio Azevedo

Ángela López (technical production)

Technical Direction

João Chicó


Many Islands

Web Development

Héloïse Maréchal

Production and Communication Intern

Marta Pedrinho


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Official Transportation

School Partners


A significant part of the national programme has been defined considering the proposals submitted in December 2018 on our open call.

It led us to the (unavoidable) reflection on what factors currently define and cover the concept of “national” versus “international”. It is not only made by artists born in this country but also and increasingly so, by foreign artists living here, and by all those Portuguese who have developed a professional background and career outside of Portugal. Thus, at its modest scale, we wish this section to show a partial reading of the more immediate, “national” landscape in artistic creation.

International programming continues to foster dialogue with the Mediterranean and the Middle East, regions that have gained special priority since the beginning of the festival. In response to the constant political and social changes that many countries are undergoing, contemporary dance emerges as an inquiring voice, an accelerated and powerful speech that calls for the importance of artistic creation, the need to preserve the choreographic heritage, to revive our repertoire.

Uma Tarde no Mundo

Which events happen during an afternoon in the world that we will not see or hear from? The intention behind the title of this section is to reclaim the notion of a global consciousness, of a simultaneity of ecological systems, calling into question the experience of "here and now" in the face of the monumentality of what happens elsewhere to other living beings.

The performance proposals presented at Culturgest and the Palácio Pimenta / Museu de Lisboa will overlap a different occupation with the usual script of these institutions and their exhibition contexts. Running in different areas of each building they propose a temporary experience and counterpoint to their spatial, institutional and museographic protocols. The performances happening during these two afternoons will exist, symbolically, as an omission of all that will exist outside these venues.

Guest curator

André Guedes

André Guedes is a visual artist. He studied Architecture and Space Anthropology and is currently a PhD student at the FBAUL Fine Arts Course. Collaborates regularly as a set designer in Theater and Dance. In 2007 he received the Union of Fine Arts Prize.

His artistic practice often combines fieldwork with research of visual and written documentation, exploring issues of social and political history, resulting in installations, performances, theater performances, public space interventions and editorial projects. His works have been exhibited, among others, at the Kunsthalle Lissabon, De Appel, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Serralves Museum, Montehermoso Cultural Center, Rennes Biennale, Fondazione Pistoletto, Athens Biennale, Palais de Tokyo and David Roberts Art Foundation.

As a curator, he was responsible, among other projects, for the 2005 edition of the ‘Quadros de Dança’ from the Choreographic Experimentation Center, and ‘Almanaque’ in the context of the Guimarães Capital of Culture Curator Laboratory in 2012.

Parallel Activities

During the festival a series of workshops, talks and Open Studios will be organized to promote the gathering and sharing of experiences.
These parallel activities aim to provide new knowledge and methodologies to all participants whether they are professionals, enthusiasts or simply curious.

Educational Projects

This year's educational project is divided into 3 different activities that promote access to culture and dance in different contexts. The project Dancing to Memory - has the intention to instruct the university community about the history of dance and the importance of the repertoire; Dance Passport and Audience Mediation aim to provide free access to the festival and its activities to bring dance closer to different audiences.

Dancing to Memory

"Dancing to Memory" makes its debut this year at CUMPLICIDADES partnering with the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Faculty of Human Kinetics) addressing concepts such as choreographic heritage, dance legacy, repertoire and choreographic archive.

The main goal of this activity is to highlight the importance of Dance preservation in specialized university education and to encourage the academic community to approach different audiences.
Another aim of the Festival is to continue the project in future editions expanding it to different schools and universities.

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Dance Passport

Following the surprising adherence in 2018 the "Dance Passport" will return from March 2nd to 7th, 2020. This groundbreaking initiative comprises a wide and diverse range of dance lessons. It intends to give the residents of Lisbon of whatever age group the opportunity to try out different dance genres taught in the schools of different parishes (about which they might be unaware of).
It calls for greater approximation and interaction between Lisbon residents and an expansion of the already existing resources in the parish.

Culture for Everyone (Audience Mediation)

In order to bring young people and students (between 15 and 25 years old) closer to the context of contemporary dance, the Festival contacted schools in Lisbon (Secondary Schools, Art schools and Universities) to invite groups of students to attend the shows that are part of the program.