Open Call / Cumplicidades 2023_ Foreign artists living in Portugal

CUMPLICIDADES - International Contemporary Dance Festival of Lisbon, invites projects by artists that came to Portugal from any place and stay living here, to integrate the next edition, which will take place in May 2023 in Lisbon. With this program we hope to represent the diversity of its art community and the voices within it.

This call intends to collect proposals from creators of different nationalities living in the country for the presentation of performances to be held in conventional or non-conventional stage spaces, exhibition spaces or in street contexts.

As this is a Dance festival, it is expected that the proposals presented take into consideration this specificity, either as a means of critical and theoretical reflection, or as a form of artistic production and practice.

With a distinct curatorship at each edition, the festival stands out by the fact that its programme line is always renewed, enhancing different visions and approaches in the field of contemporary dance. The theme established by Luiz Antunes, curator of the national programme of Cumplicidades in 2023, is Face to Face, We are all Sapiens, with an implicit interpellation to the reflection on the troubled aspects of the times we live in. Its programming contemplates the limits and borders, in terms of culture and territory, as well as in the experience of bodies and interiority. This open call launches the challenge to address and expand these issues, from the point of view of artists from different nationalities currently living in Portugal.

The selection of projects will be made by the EIRA team, with the aim of integrating the international programme - this should be articulated with the programme line defined by Luiz Antunes, in order to create a thematic cohesion of the programme.

- Priority will be given to projects that have not been presented in Lisbon;
- Each applicant should send only one project;
- The application may be made individually or by artistic collectives (formal or informal);
- Applications are accepted in Portuguese and English;
- The festival covers all the costs inherent to the presentation: cachet, expenses related to technique, accommodation (when not based in Lisbon), food and transport;
- Hiring will comply with the rules of the Statute for Workers of Culture

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